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Millennium Villages News


1. What are the Millennium Villages? Where are they located?

2. What are some examples of the interventions within the Millennium Villages?

3. How will this effort be scaled-up? 12 villages alone won't prove that poverty can be ended, will they?

4. What makes the Millennium Villages unique? Hasn't this already been done?

5. Who are the key factors involved in the Millennium Villages?

6. How much money does it take to fund a Millennium Village?

7. Isn't corruption a concern within some of the countries in which you are working?

8. How do you manage villages in countries experiencing social unrest and turmoil?

9. What are the systems in place to manage the investments and implementation?


June 18, 2008
Millennium Villages Handbook:
A Practitioner's Guide to the Millennium Villages Approach

Nov 10, 2008
Independent Review by Overseas Devlopment Institute
ODI Hails Progress in Millennium Villages

October 8, 2008
KPMG Joins the Millennium Villages Project to Help Address Extreme Poverty in Africa

July 22, 2008
Senator Tom Daschle Leads Delegation in Rwanda

September 10, 2007
Ericsson and Columbia's Earth Institute joinforces to empower Millennium Villages through communications